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10 Celebrities Who Went To Business School

Most people don’t realize just how many stars in Hollywood attended college and got a degree, especially from some of the best business schools. We often only see celebs as who they play in movies or what they sing about on stage. Check out which celebrities attended good business schools and either worked toward or earned a business degree.

  1. Kevin Costner – Costner completed a bachelor’s degree program in finance and marketing at California State University at Fullerton. He started working in finance, but quit to pursue an acting career.
  2. Sean “Diddy” Combs – The rapper was once an undergraduate student at Howard University. He was pursuing a business degree, but eventually dropped out to pursue a career in music.
  3. Tyra Banks – Banks once gave up the chance to enroll in college in order to work on her modeling career, but she later went back to school and attended one of the best business colleges – Harvard’s School of Business. She graduated from the Executive Education Program.
  4. Clint Eastwood – Before becoming one of the most well known actors, Clint enrolled in Los Angeles College to pursue a business degree.
  5. Arnold Schwarzenegger – He first took English classes at a community college in California, but later moved on to tougher courses and earned a BA in business and international economics from the University of Wisconsin-Superior.
  6. Tiger Woods – Tiger Woods never completed the degree program, but he was once enrolled in Stanford and pursuing a business degree. He dropped out to pursue a golfing career.
  7. Trisha Yearwood – This country singer studied music business at Belmont Univeristy in Tennessee and graduated with a degree in business administration. She even interned and worked for a record company before launching her own singing career.
  8. Shaquille O’Neal – The basketball player studied business at Louisiana State University before dropping out to play in the NBA, later earned his MBA through the University of Phoenix’s online program, and then even earned a doctoral degree in Education from Barry University.
  9. Lionel Richie – Lionel Richie attended Tuskegee University in Alabama, where he studied economics and fulfilled his business school goal of earning a bachelor’s degree in business.
  10. David Spade – He’s better know for his acting in movies and on TV, but Spade first got a degree is business from Arizona State University. He says he wanted to make sure he had something to fall back on if acting didn’t work out.